Unique Flavors & Frostings

Unique Flavors & Frostings

Often, making your cake unique doesn’t mean having some bizarre design; usually it can be as simple as doing something different with your frostings and fillings. Here are some things to consider as you’re planning your unique wedding cake.
If you plan to have a spring wedding, let your cake celebrate the season as well. Consider having a lemon cake or a lemon mousse filling. If your wedding will take place in summer, keep it in season as well. Incorporate some seasonable berries into the filling, and top the whole thing with whipped cream. A traditional wedding cake is white with white butter cream frosting. Unique wedding cakes can be as simple as choosing new and different flavors and fillings. Many bakers are willing to create different flavors for the different tiers if you wish. A good idea for an outdoors wedding, or perhaps for a tropical-themed ceremony, is a unique flavor such as coconut or perhaps a pineapple or mango filling.

If your wedding will be an autumn time ceremony, it, too, can have a fall-like suggestion. Carrot and nut cakes are perfect for fall weddings. You can use them in conjunction with cream cheese, toffee, etc.

And finally, for winter weddings, use an amaretto, cappuccino, or fudge filling. All of these, we associate with warmth, and are ideal for a cold-weather wedding.

Incidentally, if you want something really unique, here’s something to think about: Nobody ever said a wedding cake has to be limited to one or two flavors. Try instead a multi-flavored cake. It’s a great choice for those who can’t decide between flavors or if you just want to make sure that there is a flavor for everyone.

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