Winter Wedding Cakes

So you have decided to switch the normal up and go for a winter wedding, this is can be a great time for a wedding as the snow is falling and the out side becomes a winter wonder land , along with all this wedding inspiration comes some great inspiration for the wedding cake. Some really cool wedding cakes can be inspired by the winter season and what it brings. Let’s look at some winter inspired wedding cake ideas so you can get the winter inspired cake of your dreams that is sure to impress your guests and even you. The first thing about winter cakes is that they pretty much are always white, this is a pretty obvious choice by almost all winter wedding cake designers because it is inspired by the snow, you could also use blue on your cake but this would be suggested as more of an accent than a base color because white is very important for a winter inspired wedding cake.

One cool winter inspired idea for your wedding cake is including some winter animals some how, this can be done so many ways a few suggestions include some winter birds and if you are feeling fun maybe some penguins, also a cool idea that was seen at one cake show was a couple of reindeer that where pulling the cake as if it where a slay this is a really neat and different idea that you could use but why not think of your own creative idea that others will talk and want to replicate. Some other winter inspired includes that you could put on your cake could be some hand blown glass ornaments that fit the style of your cake, another good accessory is a set of bells they could be made out of gold or silver and they would look phenomenal on the cake contrasting with the white they would really make it pop.

In addition to putting some neat and different accessories on your cake you should also remember that Christmas is probably near by and this

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can be used as a sort of back drop theme, you could include some green garland made out of frosting or some red bows to bring in the Christmas spirit while still keeping the winter wedding cake theme. If you read our earlier article you learned the importance and the variety of wedding cake toppers, this is an important part in the winter theme cake because I am sure that you could buy a winter inspired cake topper or get a custom made one if you really have something in your mind that plays off the winter theme well. So when making your winter inspired cake just remember these few things add fun characters and accessories to your cake, include a nice cake topper, and don’t forget that the holiday season and Christmas are right around the corner and this can be easily incorporated into your winter themed wedding cake.


  1. The bride and the groom are of course the center of attention in any wedding. Even so, you would want to have the right decorative touch to make your photo and video souvenirs worth looking at. Part of your wedding design plan is your wedding cake ideas.

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